CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Jessica Alexander


Jessica Alexander (Spring 2014)
Media Specialist/Crime Analyst
Reidsville (N.C.) Police Department

In December 2013, I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a major in journalism and mass communications. Soon after graduation, I learned that I had been accepted into the Chips Quinn Scholars program. I was excited to become a print journalist, amid visions of ultimately becoming a well-known reporter for a national newspaper.

After interning with a local newspaper for several months, the Reidsville Review, I started working there part time, ultimately landing a full-time position as the city’s community reporter.

After a couple of years at the Reidsville Review, my excitement shifted. The adrenaline about being a news reporter waned, and I wanted something more stable, like a 9-to-5, at a more creative outlet. I wanted to do more. I wanted to create. I wanted to shoot and edit video and put flyers together. I wanted to help build brands. I made plans to go into public relations and set a goal to do so by the age of 25.

In June 2015, I applied for a media specialist/crime analyst position at my local police department and got the job. I was 24. The position has already opened the door for many opportunities. I’m able to do everything I dreamed of doing. I create flyers, put together news releases, coordinate press conferences, shoot and edit videos and take on many other special projects. Plus, I get to do something disparate that I never thought about: giving back to my community by analyzing crime to help make our citizens safer.

That has been my biggest professional accomplishment so far.

Being a “Chipster” undeniably played a large role in the progress of my professional career. I’m glad to be an alumna of this amazing program.

Happy Birthday, Chips Quinn Scholars program.



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