CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Eric Bailey


Eric Bailey (Summer 1996)
University of Oklahoma Football/College Baseball Beat Writer
Tulsa World Media Company

I’ve been blessed to win journalism awards during my professional career, but none was more important than a 2006 Native American Journalists Association award for a column I wrote about Indian mascots and sports.

The award meant a lot to me, but I was more excited about the conversations that the column stirred up in our Tulsa, Oklahoma, community. The column listed reasons why people oppose mascot names, as well as support them, and reader reaction encompassed both points of view. The debate was meaningful in my personal life, too, because the mascot of my kids’ high school was – and remains – the Redskins.



One thought on “CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Eric Bailey

  1. Congrats to you Eric. I just now ran across this fb page. Howz the creek nation? M6 nephew Forbes Perkins said he tries hard to keep them together. Just a joke. I’m still up here in Idaho. Take care n keep in touch with this Choctaw Great. Tp

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