Herbst: Op-ed in WSJ

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
April 14, 2016

Today, an op-ed by Newseum President and CEO, Jeffrey Herbst, was published in the Wall Street Journal. In the op-ed, Herbst contends that an informed citizenry depends on robust sources of news. He points out that technology firms position themselves as news providers, and the choices they make as a result, will have an effect not only on the companies themselves but also on the quality of our democracy.

“In many ways, data miners are the new reporters. These companies have an enormous amount of information about Americans and people across the world that is inevitably going to be news,” Herbst said in an interview this morning. “When technology companies are so central to the provision of news and will become more so, we have to understand their role not simply as conduits but as actual news companies.”

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