CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Cameron J. Teague Robinson


Cameron J. Teague Robinson (Summer 2015)
Sports reporter
Coshocton (Ohio) Tribune

My biggest professional accomplishment came a year ago as a senior in college. I was told I needed to go to Columbus, Ohio, for the Ohio Newspaper Association awards to represent our school newspaper, which would be receiving some awards, as it does every year. What I didn’t know is that I would get first place in collegiate sports coverage for my work as sports editor during my junior year.

College journalists give up a lot to chase their dreams and work for their school newspapers. My commitment to the paper cost me more than many people knew, so when I actually teared up, friends outside of journalism were confused. It’s not a Pulitzer, but the award reinforced that it was worth it to have given up all I did. It pushed me to continue pursuing journalism. I don’t write for the awards, but recognition of the effort I had put in at the paper meant everything at the time.


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