CQS 25th Anniversary Tribute: Kristen Go


Kristen Go (Summers 1996 & 1997)
Managing Editor, Digital Operations
San Francisco Chronicle

There are plenty of stories I’m proud of and awards that I’ve won. But when I look into the newsroom of the San Francisco Chronicle, my biggest accomplishment has been increasing the diversity of our newsroom.

Of 20 recent hires, 16 are increasing the number of people in our newsroom who represent diversity in terms of sexual orientation, race and gender. I personally recruited nine of them. Their footprint on our newsroom and on the coverage we provide is far greater than what I can accomplish on my own, with a single story or project I run.

CQS co-founder John Quinn says his dream is “that a young Chipster will call a hiring editor and say, ‘I’m a Chips Quinn scholar and I need a job.’ And the editor will say, ‘I’m a Chips Quinn scholar too; get the hell over here!'”

I am happy to say that our two newest hires are Chipsters – making a total of five who now work in the Chronicle’s newsroom.


Chipsters at the San Francisco Chronicle. From left: Mariecar Mendoza (Spring 2007), Kristen Go (Summers 1996 and 1997), Michelle Devera (Fall 2000 and Spring 2001), Kim Chua (Summer 2010) and Vivian Ho (Spring 2012).



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