First Five: Voyeuristic media, off-campus student speech under fire, and Trump saves ‘Christmas’

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Inside the First Amendment

Understanding What We Need to See – and Do Not

Gene Policinski, Newseum Institute
History shows brutal murders like that of WDBJ7’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward are too often sensationalized in media, edging on voyeuristic tendencies. With social media’s omnipresence in journalism, the balance of what needs to be seen to be understood and to understand what needs to be seen has become a legitimate challenge.

In the News

Journalists Jailed in Egypt

John Powell, Newseum Institute
Egypt, dubbed one of the riskiest place in the world to be a journalist by the Committee to Protect Journalists, sentenced three Al-Jazeera journalists to three years in prison. The news organization said it would appeal the court’s decision.

For Progressives, First Amendment Comes Second

A. Barton Hinkle, Reason
In recent years it has become increasingly obvious that many liberals view the right to free speech as an instrumental good, rather than an intrinsic one—i.e., they favor free speech not as an end in itself, but merely as means to achieve other ends.

The U.S. Supreme Court and Off-campus, Online Student Speech

David L. Hudson, Jr., Supreme Court of Tennessee Blog
A recent court decision ruled that school officials could punish a student’s explicit rap video created off-campus because it criticized and harassed coaches, resulting in substantial disruption.

Protesters Have No Free-speech Rights on Supreme Court’s Front Porch

Robert Barnes, The Washington Post
A no-speech zone exists on the Supreme Court’s marble plaza, a federal appeals court declared on Friday. Demonstrators are allowed on the sidewalk, but barred to cross the plaza under which “Equal Justice Under Law” is famously promised.

Will Donald Trump save ‘christmas’? Candidate Says He’ll Fight for Christianity in America

Dave Boyer, The Washington Times
The Republican candidate recently said that if elected, he would fight for greater freedom of religious expression, stating words like ‘Christmas’ have become taboo in the retail sphere — and shouldn’t be.


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