Participate Virtually in “Primarily Digital” Teacher Institutes

Annenberg Learner is the exclusive sponsor of the 2015 Newseum Summer Teacher Institutes.

Annenberg Learner is the exclusive sponsor of the 2015 Newseum Summer Teacher Institutes.

In partnership with Annenberg Learner, educators are invited to participate virtually in two teacher institutes on media literacy being held in July at the Newseum.

As a virtual participant, you’ll be able to access online and through social media the same sessions and activities as those teachers who already have been selected to attend the three-day workshops in person.

There is no cost to participate in “Primarily Digital: Teaching Media Literacy to Plugged-in Students,” which will explore the power of freedom of expression and blended learning techniques to develop students’ literacy skills. Teachers who participate virtually every day of the institute and submit an original lesson plan and a revised plan that reflects what they learned will receive the packet of resources being given out at the institute. In addition, a letter of recognition will be sent to the participant’s principal and/or school district superintendent.

To participate virtually, select which of the two sessions — or both — you want to join.


Your students use their freedoms of speech and press every day — but how well? Thanks to inventors from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg, your students consume print media, digital media and everything in between.

The institute begins by looking backwards — what tools do students need to analyze historical primary sources? What tools and tricks can you use to engage students in the process? Next, we’ll examine the opportunities for and challenges of self-expression in our digital landscape. We’ll conclude with a discussion of the ethical considerations that shape the exercise of freedom of press and speech, and apply those ideas to students’ context.

Throughout the workshops, teachers apply what they’ve learned to integrate technology meaningfully into a class or lesson for the 2015-2016 school year.


  •  NOVICE: JULY 13-15, 2015

    This institute is designed for teachers who have limited experience with blended learning. Together, we’ll create accounts and learn the basics of using Twitter, Pinterest and more in the classroom.

  •  ADVANCED: JULY 22-24, 2015

    This institute is designed for teachers who are active creators of online content, whether through blogs, websites or social communication tools, but are looking for novel applications. Significant time will be dedicated to adapting participants’ existing lesson plans to incorporate new tools and applications.


  • Join the Google Community page: Novice or Advanced
  • Once accepted, go to the All Posts tab on the left. Read the pinned welcome announcement, which includes pre-institute assignments.
  • Please make sure to register by completing this survey.
  • You can find how-to videos to help with assignments in the novice Google community. Click on Resource Recs in the list on the left.
  • Dive in!

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