Digital Classroom Comes to Life in a Local Classroom

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology partnered with the Education Department at the Newseum to deepen students’ understanding of how media and the First Amendment impacted American history.

With feedback from their teachers and Newseum staff, students wrote research papers on a 20th century American history topic and, in teams, turned the papers into engaging websites.

Fake It Till You Make It
Examine how the New York Graphic’s sensationalist journalism and image alteration techniques reflected the culture of the 1920s.

To Trust or Not to Trust
Investigate the role of the press as the “Fourth Estate” through case study analysis of the United States press coverage of El Salvador during the early 1980s.

Jackie Robinson: Swinging for Equality
Explore how the idea of a desegregated America started with Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier.

A Sedentary Submission for Change: The Influence of the Greensboro Sit-In Movement
See the influence of the media during the Greensboro Sit-ins To what extent was the press instrumental in popularizing the notion of peaceful, nonviolent demonstration, and ultimately triggering a nationwide civil rights campaign?

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